January 12, 2016

A Blog Update for GSM for January 2016

         A new year, a new month, a new week, a new moment... each breath is a renewal of life, a gift, a chance for awakening. Fine idea to ponder this New Year's, but most of us are not living in that awakened state of gratitude. Certainly the people we meet and share with on the streets and in the shelters are often stuggling to survive, physically and mentally, living in a tsunami of suffering. Yet, they teach us often about strength and aliveness.
  Ten years ago, when I was first starting this work,  I met a fellow who had been sleeping in the bushes the night before. I was walking along in a kind of numb state. His radiant face stopped me and he asked me, “ Pastor, did you see that moon last nite?”  “No”, I replied, I had missed it. He went on, describing its beauty. And so the learning continued.
Suffering and anxiety can take us down and there is so much pressure it seems to deepen our fear. Yet, we have a choice to choose love over fear, moment to moment. We are learning what that feels and looks like through our work. People teach us every time we are out and about with them.

So, at this beginning of marking a New Year, we stop to thank all we have had the privilege of learning from and loving through this ministry,those who have died, those who are still struggling and those who have moved on to more secure environments. 

We love you,  Pastor Mair, Pastor Bob and Pastor Jeff