June 25, 2015


Out on the street, in addition to the socks and the t-shirts, the sneakers and the coffee cards, we do a lot of praying.  We pray for the souls of loved ones who have died, we pray for children who have been taken away, and we pray for the strength to get through another day out on the street.  In prayer, there is the hope of a new and brighter day.

Most of the time it’s hard to know if our prayers have been answered.  One has to take the long view and have faith that over time change will come to the circumstances of our lives, and that our immediate comfort is tied to that hope for the future.
But then there are the times where there’s a clear and dynamic answer, an unambiguous affirmation that our prayers have been heard and answered.  That happened last night when the City Council of Portland voted unanimously to restore funding for the overflow shelter at the Preble Street Resource Center, keeping 75 homeless adults safe and off the night streets of our city.   And by continuing to provide General Assistance for asylum seekers, the council showed that “Life is Good Here” isn’t just a motto for upscale condo residents, it’s a motto for all of us.

Compassion ruled the day.  Our prayers were answered.   Amen and blessed be.