September 02, 2014

September Update

They were repaving the streets near the shelters as we (pastors with GSM) were walking along on the sidewalk.  Ahead of us, we heard a young woman cry out, cursing and crying.  She was wearing flip flops and it seemed that she had gotten tar on her feet. Bending down, touching her feet, she then had gotten tar on her hands.
The straw that broke the camel's back- she went hysterical, crying out that she couldn't take any more, that she wanted to die. “I just want out.” she cried. 

As a street minister I had had some interaction with her over the years. It felt right to go up to her and take her hand, I massaged the tarry spots  briefly telling her it would all wash off eventually. She stopped yelling, said, “Thank you, pastor,” and then she moved along.

A few seconds later, I felt something sticky on me and looking down I was surprised to find tar all over my hand. 
Can we get into the mess of it all without getting tar on us?

People can always use a Dunking Donut card  ($5.)to get a break from the street.

Thank you for any help you can give.