January 01, 2009

Co-Partner Agreement

Grace-Street Ministry
P.O. Box 7967, Portland, Maine 04112

This serves as a co-partner agreement between your organization and Grace-Street Ministry (GSM). Please check the appropriate support level, complete the relevant contact information and return via mail or email to Pastor Mair Honan.

Support Levels

 We agree to co-partner for two (2) years with an annual mission donation
Annual amount:  $200;  $300;  $500;  Other: _______

 We cannot support GSM financial at this time but are interested in offering alternative means of support such as:
__ Volunteering time on the street
__ Used bike donation
__ Local coffee cards (downtown Portland shops)
__ Large coats, rain gear, etc.
__ Occasionally transporting someone
__ Other ____________________________

 We are interested in an outreach sermon/visit to educate our members.

Contact Information

Church/Organization Name:_______________________________

Contact Person’s Name:__________________________________

Telephone Number:_(____)____________