January 28, 2009


Click here to listen to Rev. Mair Honan's interview on WMPG.

Pastor Mair talks about the power of listening and treating people with respect, and the funny, poignant, authentic moments that result. She shares some of the inner struggles she has to confront in herself to do this work.

January 14, 2009


We're proud to announce the new Donate button that is now available. This will allow secure, online donations using PayPal, and will print a tax receipt for your records.

January 01, 2009

Quotable Quotes

"I know what you folks are about, you have something to say, but you really want to hear from us" (Sunday service drop-in)

"One of the things I always remember when homeless people explain what's so hard about being homeless is how they feel invisible and how people don't want to look them in the eye. [This ministry] really cares about finding people where they are and bringing something to them they might not have access to any other way." (Elena)

"They turned out to be good friends. It helps me a lot out there." (Richard)


The following co-partners to our ministry provide annual monetary support.
To find out about becoming a co-partner click here.

Allen Avenue Unitatrian Universalist Church
Portland, Maine

Bailey Island Community Church
Bailey Island, Maine

Church on the Cape
Cape Porpoise, Maine

Chaplaincy Institute of Maine
555 Forest Ave
Portland, Maine 04101-1504

Congregational Church of Phippsburg
Phippsburg, Maine

First Congregational-Christian Church,
New Gloucester, Maine

First Congregational Church
161 Black Point Road
Scarborough, Maine 04074

First Congregational Church, UCC
Cottage Road, South Portland, Maine

Foreside Community Church
Falmouth, Maine

Hill Road Lighting Design
Wells, Maine
High Street, Portland, Maine
 Immanuel Baptist/Williston West
Portland, Maine

North Windham Union UCC Church
North Windham, Maine 

Popham Chapel
Popham Beach
Phippsburg, Maine 04562

South Freeport Church, UCC
South Freeport, Maine

Stevens Avenue Congregational Church, UCC
Stevens Avenue, Portland, Maine

United Christian Church
Lincolnville Center, Maine

United Thornton Heights United Methodist Church
Westbrook St,  South Portland, Maine

Unity Church of Greater Portland
River Road, Windham, Maine

Westbrook-Warren Congregational Church, UCC,
Westbrook, Maine

Co-Partner Agreement

Grace-Street Ministry
P.O. Box 7967, Portland, Maine 04112

This serves as a co-partner agreement between your organization and Grace-Street Ministry (GSM). Please check the appropriate support level, complete the relevant contact information and return via mail or email to Pastor Mair Honan.

Support Levels

 We agree to co-partner for two (2) years with an annual mission donation
Annual amount:  $200;  $300;  $500;  Other: _______

 We cannot support GSM financial at this time but are interested in offering alternative means of support such as:
__ Volunteering time on the street
__ Used bike donation
__ Local coffee cards (downtown Portland shops)
__ Large coats, rain gear, etc.
__ Occasionally transporting someone
__ Other ____________________________

 We are interested in an outreach sermon/visit to educate our members.

Contact Information

Church/Organization Name:_______________________________

Contact Person’s Name:__________________________________

Telephone Number:_(____)____________