November 15, 2009

Recent Article

Rev. Mair Honan recently published "Sometimes, helping hits a roadblock" in the Portland Press Herald. Please click here to read it.

September 22, 2009

First Annual Newsletter

Click here to see Grace-Street Ministry's first annual newsletter!

February 16, 2009

Recent Article

Rev. Mair Honan recently published an article, "Being Homeless, Seeking God" in the The Progressive Christian (February 2009, Issue No. 7).

February 04, 2009

Real Time

She had found a sunny spot on the cement and was sitting, eyes closed, taking in the rays, with the ice and snow of winter surrounding her. I approached; doubting Sarah would remember our conversation of three weeks ago.

People on the street have a lot to deal with and remembering a chat with a street minister is not high on their priority. Planning where they will sleep that night is much more important. Sarah was a long-term homeless woman who was dealing with chronic alcoholism. She felt very hopeless about the possibility of recovery in her life.

When I spoke her name, she opened her eyes. Recognizing me, she smiled and I was struck again by her weathered beauty and gentleness in her greeting. Leaning down I asked how things were going and told her I had gotten what she had asked for. Last time we spoke, she had mentioned that she had no idea what time it was. “What kind of person doesn’t even know the time?” she had asked. People don’t talk about the shame of being down and out but the shame slips in and out of their conversation. She had seemed disgusted that she never knew the real time. I opened my backpack and pulled out the watch I had gotten for her. She expressed surprise and gratitude and after a few minutes I left her there sitting in the sun.

The watch does not bring Sarah into the norm of society. I have no idea if she will be able to keep the watch very long in an environment where so much is stolen or bartered. It does not matter. The longer I do street ministry the more I learn about showing up. The wonderful Rabbi Abraham Heschel believes, “prayer is not an accumulation of spiritual knowledge but a capacity to face the sacred moment.” I often tell people on the street that my business is prayer. I know everyone has their image of what that means but I hope my praying is what Heschel is talking about – a capacity to face the sacred moment. Many spiritual traditions teach that being present is where “God” is. That is my hope and yes, desire – to be where “God” is. Our scattered mind pulls us in all directions and so often we are not greeting the living moment. Sometime the image of machete-ing through the thought/confusion helps, at other times; the dropping of a stone in slow motion through water is a guide. The trick is to remember the ability to be present in the flotsam and jetsam of our own confusion, our own fears and planning.

What if every time we were to greet each other we were aware of the threesome present – you and me and God? What if we lived in the sacred moment? What if we lived in real time? Ah, what a world it would be.

January 28, 2009


Click here to listen to Rev. Mair Honan's interview on WMPG.

Pastor Mair talks about the power of listening and treating people with respect, and the funny, poignant, authentic moments that result. She shares some of the inner struggles she has to confront in herself to do this work.

January 14, 2009


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January 01, 2009

Quotable Quotes

"I know what you folks are about, you have something to say, but you really want to hear from us" (Sunday service drop-in)

"One of the things I always remember when homeless people explain what's so hard about being homeless is how they feel invisible and how people don't want to look them in the eye. [This ministry] really cares about finding people where they are and bringing something to them they might not have access to any other way." (Elena)

"They turned out to be good friends. It helps me a lot out there." (Richard)


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Allen Avenue Unitatrian Universalist Church
Portland, Maine

Bailey Island Community Church
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Church on the Cape
Cape Porpoise, Maine

Chaplaincy Institute of Maine
555 Forest Ave
Portland, Maine 04101-1504

Congregational Church of Phippsburg
Phippsburg, Maine

First Congregational-Christian Church,
New Gloucester, Maine

First Congregational Church
161 Black Point Road
Scarborough, Maine 04074

First Congregational Church, UCC
Cottage Road, South Portland, Maine

Foreside Community Church
Falmouth, Maine

Hill Road Lighting Design
Wells, Maine
High Street, Portland, Maine
 Immanuel Baptist/Williston West
Portland, Maine

North Windham Union UCC Church
North Windham, Maine 

Popham Chapel
Popham Beach
Phippsburg, Maine 04562

South Freeport Church, UCC
South Freeport, Maine

Stevens Avenue Congregational Church, UCC
Stevens Avenue, Portland, Maine

United Christian Church
Lincolnville Center, Maine

United Thornton Heights United Methodist Church
Westbrook St,  South Portland, Maine

Unity Church of Greater Portland
River Road, Windham, Maine

Westbrook-Warren Congregational Church, UCC,
Westbrook, Maine

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