April 25, 2008

Daily Spiritual Recipe
Think about the Mystery of God
Talk with God
Rant and rave to God
Praise and glorify
Chat and question with God
Then be Quiet and Listen

Grace-Street Ministry Launches New Website

Grace-Street Ministry launched its new website Friday, April 25, 2008. The format is a blog. To navigate, use the navigation pane on the right side of the screen. You may also scroll through the various postings (or articles) on the left side of the screen. As more postings are added, you can search for topics using the tags (for example, Publicity or Events) under a posting, or use the Archive navigation by date (organized by year and month).

Grace-Street is solely reliant upon donations and grants. At this time, there is not a web-based donation engine, but you can donate by check sent to the address at the right, or contact Grace-Street via email for more information.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website!

April 07, 2008


Moving toward true shalom, a just and equitable society, de-emphasizing our differences and building on the reality of our common experience and the truth of our kinship with each other.

Recent Article

The Rev. Mair Honan recently published an article in the Portland Press Herald (March 1, 2008). Please click the link to read the article.

If you wish to comment on the article, please send an email to

About Us

In the spring of 2006 two ordained, UCC pastors felt Spirit-driven to begin a ministry with the marginalized and homeless in downtown Portland, Maine. Our main focus was to learn how we could be pastors in this community, to remember the sacred in the midst of it all, and to decrease the imagined and real boundaries between those who have little materially and those who have much.

Our Mission

We are an outreach ministry offering a consistent, compassionate, pastoral presence to the homeless and marginalized in downtown Portland, Maine - to relieve suffering, to address the spiritual needs in this ever shifting community and to decrease the prejudice between the housed and the homeless through preaching, education and experience.

Our mission is not to duplicate the already rich network of social services that exists, but to support through presence, prayer and advocacy the spiritual reality of life. Of course, though this may sound lofty, it is at times as simple as sharing a cup of coffee in Dunkin Donuts or finding someone a used bicycle to make getting about easier. It can also be as psychologically and theologically complex as being with people who have been beaten and discarded and are sure that God does not exist in the reality of their suffering.

Our Church

When we stop to talk to someone on the street or in the shelters in Portland, Maine and introduce ourselves as street pastors, they ask "So, where is your church?" We tell them we are a walking ministry -- "the church is right here!"