August 02, 2018

August Blog Post

There is something special about our Sunday time on the street that is distinct from the weekday afternoons or Thursday evenings.  I especially love our prayer & communion circles, and a recent one in July was particularly rich and fruitful.  18 of us gathered in a light rain to consider the depth of God's love for us, pray, and share in communion.  The circle lasted for about 30 minutes which was unusually long.  Members of the community were engaged asking genuine and respectful questions, praying, and ministering to each other. 

When we finished I went through dozens of pairs of socks, the last of my t-shirts and underwear, and a whole lot of Dunkin Donuts cards.  Most that came to the car were from the circle and that time together in-circle was transformative, if only for a moment.  People were passing socks along to others rather than grabbing for themselves.  It may not sound like much, but in the context of our little ministry, that is something special.

Then there was a conversation with a man whose car was impounded.  He needed to get his ID and possessions out of the trunk, but the lot was closed so we helped him during the week. Then there was a couple, who sleep outside and needed blankets. Apparently, they were able to stay at someone's apartment near Maine Med on Saturday night, but when they woke up all their stuff was gone. 

All in all, it was a microcosm of a Sunday on the street with a special blessing mixed in.