September 21, 2015


There is the world of True Shalom and then there is current reality. We are asked to hold True Shalom in our hearts-the Jesus path- as we walk in limited current reality.

The other day, we met a father of four, on the sidewalk. The family was homeless and down to their last diaper. The day before their stroller had been stolen. This was their current reality.

We were able to find them a double stroller and to hand off two packs of diapers. The father was extremely grateful and pointed to his wife and four children sitting nearby under a tree. True Shalom - where everyone is valuable and all know they are loved - broke thru.

We are coming into a cooler time when hoodies will be very needed by the homeless. Please look around and see if you can donate a clean hoodie (L or XL) Love to you all.