November 28, 2010

Annual News Letter for 2010

Good Day Friends and Supporters,
We have been here for 4 and a half years now, blessed to be learning  and loving so many wonderful people. You are the ones helping us to continue.  Thank you all,

Pastor Mair & GSM Board

                    Pastor Mair entering Florence House, the woman’s shelter,
                   to facilitate a weekly spiritual support group.

News Of  Interest

Elizabeth Peterson, an intern from Chaplaincy  Institute of Maine, is enjoying her work with GSM.

We received a donation recently from someone who asked her friends, in lieu of birthday presents, to each donate $25.

Your Donations At Work

Dawn was happy to receive her used bike. It was fixed by the teens at Westbrook Alternative High.

Charles appreciated a tent and tarp to give him a break  from the shelter, which is over flowing  with homeless men.